Instructor and Supervisor

Working with groups is especially interesting as there is communication and exchange. Many people contribute with their input and examples for a better understanding and knowledge.

2008 – 2018 I prepared people with different therapeutic approaches for the test to become a naturopath/alternative practitioner for psychotherapy at the public health department.

Since 2012 I have been teaching psychology and psychopathology at the „College of Osteopathic Medicine“. They have a broad curriculum and the teaching in the field of psychology and psychopathology is much more diversified than is requested in their final test. It consists of workshops covering topics such as NLP, communication science, conflict management, stress reduction and other fields of psychology, which are very practical for the organisation of life and profession.

The work as an instructor is deeply satisfying for me, as the teaching of these psychologic topics and also the practical experience is very dear and important to me. I find this knowledge pretty important for practitioners who work with the body, the mind and the soul and also people who work in the social area.

Moreover I work as a supervisor and I know from my own experience with working with human beings, how essential supervision is. It is part of the mental hygiene.