If we think of dependency, people who drink or take drugs come to our mind.

But we can be addicted to work and moods, in order to avoid certain feelings. In this work we look at everything that we use in the outside to fill in a void in the inside. Most of the times we are dealing with lack of trust and self-worth. Part of this work is also referred to as the work with “the inner child“, a kind of metaphor for our vulnerability and „deep wounds“ that effect our natural flow of energy.

There are indications of co-dependency such as

  1. When we make our partner or work responsible for our happiness.
  2. When we get lost in the other. The other is more important than ourself. Our identity is „we“ not „I“.
  3. When we find ourselves in fixed roles. Fixed roles give us security but no authenticity.
  4. Whenever we want to change people (particularly our partner) – even if only a little bit. We make suggestions, manipulate because we do not get what we want. If that does’nt work out, we start  accusing people.
  5. When we are isolated or obsessively in relations.

In this work we slow down our usual pace and start to explore ourselves. We do  not change anything. Healing begins with allowing the feelings and recognizing the structures, which we usually hide. Just be with it.

Dependency and connectedness are essential to our lives as well as freedom and aloneness. In case one or the other is not healthy for us or makes us unhappy, it helps to have a closer look at it and investigate.

To get support in clear communication, finding your boundaries, concrete management of relationships and dependant behaviour coaching session are available.