EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

With this method the cerebral hemespheres are activated by stimulation in order to help the processing of the traumatic material.

It creates a resource oriented break of patterns, a cerebral reorganization of the psyche. New aspects can arise and it can create a change in our thinking, feeling and our behaviour.

Bilateral impulses are received by the eyes – by a movement of the therapist with his/her hands from the right to the left side in front of the client’s eyes – or by tactile stimulation – touch alternating on the legs or the shoulders- or acoustical by music that has a bilateral effect. What is most effective will be figured out together with the client.

This method is meant as an intervention that has to be imbedded in the process of dealing with trauma. It cannot susbstitute a trauma therapy, but can be very helpful at a certain point during the process. Often clients are imppressed by what can happen within them, using this method and how easy and quickly something can change.