About me

My passion are people and languages.This is what I’m most focused on in my life and I do not stop learning. In my career as a teacher, the manager of a language school, my work as staff manager and therapist I got very close to human beings and learned a lot from them. Working with people has always inspired, challenged and enriched me.

The „Four-Year-Therapist-Program“ and the assistence at the Humaniversity in the Netherlands with Dany Huston showed me a lot about emotions, communication, honesty and friendship.

After my training in co-dependency-work with Prabha Bell (USA), Sharon Hancock (Australia), Dr. Thomas Trobe (USA) and Gitte Demant Trobe (Denmark) at the ICEK in Cologne I lead the co-dependandy work at the Tabaan institute e. V. in Hamburg for 2 years.

With my training as a Hypnotherapist with Peter Kaup at the academy for mental training and my seminars at the Milton Erickson institute I gained a deep insight about unconscious processing and healing approaches as well as methods for pain relief.

The additional training in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (traumatherapy) and the training in “Narm”  Neuro Affective Relational Model (processing of trauma in the different personality structures),  the trimb-method, as well as my work with refugees have deepened my understanding and compassion for the behaviour and feelings of human beings. The work with Narm touch, including touch as an additional tool to help to get in contact with our lifeforce, vulnerability and love.

In my therapeutic work I give and get a lot and would like to contribute to people  discovering their own ways of healing, to find their authenticity and to pass on joy so that our world gets even more beautiful, peaceful and sane.